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Car stats:
recent dollars per mile

  Kelsi's Bay Area insight  $0.05 dpm

  Drew's Bay Area accord    $0.09 dpm  

  (tracking 6 more cars; 3 of them private)

Station stats:
compared to a cars' current average dpm, how do different 
stations, companies, and grades perform?

  87 from valero san leandro    1.10 relative dpm

  91 [all bay area stations]    1.01 relative dpm

  valero [all bay area]         0.80 relative dpm

  87 from bp redwood city       0.77 relative dpm

  87 from chevron               0.40 relative dpm

Features of the gasuse project:
* data entry web form is easy to use from mobile devices
* RDF-based for flexibility, scalability, and distributability