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Scene 1

aka scientists with our page open at the moment
Ask a scientist something right now! We have a phonebook of scientists who may be able to video chat with you now, or they may be able to answer your question later and send you a video reply.

Play a brief guessing game thing to narrow the set of scientists we'll ping. The scientists were screened with basically the same game.
To start, we need to know who to send it to. Think about your question.

  1. Is it more about or ?
  2. (the rest appear dynamically, to narrow your topic and pick scientists)
  3. Is is more about or ?
  4. Is it more about or ?

Scene 2

Ok, we may have someone to answer that. Next, we'll record video of you asking your question. This video will immediately be shared with our group of scientists. This first video can be only up to 10 seconds long (about one tweet), but you can add more detail when you talk to the scientist.

      |                       |
      |       +-------+       |
      |       |  REC  |       |
      |       +-------+       |
      |                       |

todo: try https://simplewebrtc.com/ in here

Scene 3

Now that user has committed some effort, we ring the scientists. We could even ring them early and let them peek at the scene 2 video in progress. To avoid losing the user, this part should be really juicy.
Got it. We found 4 scientists with knowledge in that area who are logged in today.


scientist #6 from LBL
scientist #7 from Stanford
scientist #21 from Genetech
scientist #26 from UCB


Scene 4

Plain chat, maybe with a lower-third putting the name on each person.
Connecting with #26, Kelsi Perttula, a PhD from UCB who worked on Regression and classification for metabolite profile analysis.


Scene 5

We recorded your conversation, which was 2m10s long. May we add it to our public repository of videos?

Would you like a link to the post (or a copy of the video if there is no post) sent to you?