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Python Light Nine (L9) Lighting Design


(2005/12/24) http://www.enttec.com/opendmxusb.php might be nice

(2005/6/26) We used light9 for another dance show, DanceShow2005

(2005/4/10) Moved from cvs to darcs to facilitate rearranging files and keeping history (I hope). This should also help our various disconnected modes where we bring various computers to the theater where they couldn't reach the CVS repo.

To get the newest version, install "a darcs binary":http://www.carpetcode.org/binaries/darcs-1.0.3-static-linux-i386.gz (or "some other version":http://abridgegame.org/darcs/) and "darcs get http://darcs.bigasterisk.com/light9". zsh users should arrange to source "this":http://abridgegame.org/cgi-bin/darcs.cgi/darcs/zsh_completion_new?c=annotate to get completion.

(7.13.03) It seems that we can't find time for this project unless it is urgently required. This summer, we have improved the software, producing Light 8.5, codenamed "Flax". Flax is mostly new code, though it borrows some from Light 8. It consists of a DMX server and several clients. We should have a page up on it later this summer. The source is already available in PublicCVS.

(6.28.02) Check out a "lighting simulator toy":http://light9.bigasterisk.com/lightsim. Source code for "Light 8":http://light9.bigasterisk.com/light8/light8-1.0.tgz now available.

(6.26.02) We begin the hardcore implementation, starting with LightNineTerminology

(6.18.02) Check out the "dance show project":http://light9.bigasterisk.com/danceshow.

This document summarizes some of the discussions between Drew Perttula and David McClosky regarding the current state of lighting computer systems and proposals for a new system, called 'Light 9', 'Python Light 9', or just 'L9'. Sadly, this document is not up to date. We'll work on this.

For those of you who wandered here from the Sourceforge site or are otherwise seeking guidance, see WhatIsLight9.

A list of pages that should or might exist (sadly, some of these are outdated) --
CoreDiscussion, CoreProtocol?, NodeDiscussion?, GroupNodes?, DimmerDiscussion, CuesDiscussion?, ComponentDiscussion?, ControllerComponent (aka BusyBox), OpenGLVisualizer? (aka Focus), ObjectOrganization

Semi-useful stuff -- HelpPage, RecentChanges, ZWiki