Fiddler on the Roof lighting system

Dimmer system | Computer control | Sun effect | Fire effect | Sky pictures

Behind the danger sign

Signals from the computer system control 5 dimmers we built from excellent kits. We used higher-rated triacs, though, because we needed to power up to 1000W on one dimmer.

We had 19 lights for 11 effects, so I designed a system of relays that routed the 5 dimmers to different light groups. The sun lights could not dim; one relay connected the sun lights directly to the power.

This picture shows some 5V relays that controlled bigger relays to route the dimmers, the 4 phases of the sun stepper motor, and the DC motors for the fire effect.

The relays that choose what dimmers go to what lights sit under these outlets. These extension cords go from the dimmer system to the various lights on the set.

We borrowed hundreds of feet of extension cords to connect the lights to their dimmers.

Some effects needed so much power that we had to use two 20 amp theater circuits to run them. I have a few pages worth of calculations to figure out how to split the power properly and what gauge all the wires need to be so they won't overheat.