Fiddler on the Roof lighting system

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David operated a laptop terminal (lower left) in the booth while Drew controlled all the stage lights with a manual light board (right).

The laptop connected to this computer backstage through a serial link that we ran through some unused wires in the theater.

To do this: connect pin 2 to pin 3, pin 3 to pin 2, and pin 7 to pin 7. On a 9-pin RS232 connector, ground is on pin 5 instead of 7.

The red LED in the center of the picture shows that the ISA bus sent an address, I think.

The connection between the I/O card's interface cable and the long cables that run to the dimmer system.

You can look at the neato I/O card we built for this project. This card has 3 8255 chips for 72 bits of output. 5 bytes of those go to 5 D/A converters which create the signals for the

Drag left and right on this image to rotate the board (if the JS works in your browser):

Rotator program by Honeylocust Media Systems

Drew wrote a tiny program in C to control the interface card. A few perl scripts do all the rest. The computer runs Linux, of course.

I haven't gotten the final versions of the code for this page. We modified the software almost every night, and I haven't brought the new code to this machine yet (2003/2/10).

What it looks like when the sun motor moves