summermovies intro for Robotmedia

Fish I built a simple camera arm to get the slow camera move in the opening shot. It pivots by resting on the tripod's screw that would stick into a camera. The result was smooth enough that I could track the fish into the tank in about 10 keys over 500 frames. Finally, there's a bug in the conversion from the simulation rotations to the renderer's system, so the resulting fish rotation has problems (maybe gimbal lock, or maybe just a math error). The simulator looks great; the output rotation has lots of flips. Brawl I tried to make a shot where the crowd of people got faster and faster. blue at sierra; too bad the ground isn't blue crowd is carson high bulge in pov crack in pure povray bg blur and light shafts by ryan in AE Arch vid is old RM couldnt render roto by showtime py prog to make screen

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