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tropeGraph is a project by Drew Perttula and is not affiliated with TVTropes.

Edges represent the tropes that movies have in common. Similar movies are closer together.

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Data comes from, which is parsed nightly by the DBTropes project. I picked up that result, loaded it into a local 4store database.

I count all the shared tropes in many movies (but not all of them yet-- that will need to be done in a more efficient way). Here's the code and the SPARQL queries. At first I wrote the output in a way that gephi could read, but I am not good enough at gephi to do anything more than follow these instructions.

The page you're looking at reads the JSON output of the counter program and uses the D3 javascript library to help with the drawing. D3 comes with a force layout algorithm (cool demo), but I had trouble adapting it to do per-edge lengths, so I adapted the algorithm from jsvggraph instead. Arbor looks cool too, but I didn't try it.

What this tool mostly needs now is a way to control which movies you're looking at (all 2010 movies, all Bruce Willis movies, movies featuring trope T, etc). But even with the semi-random set (pulled from a "top 500 movies" list), you can still make pretty pictures like this.

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