City in fog

City in fog
I want to make a short (like 30 second) movie where you're in a huge city at night and there's fog all over. You see a person standing on top of a building, and lights shine around him or her so you can see a silhouette in the fog. All the time, the camera is on the ground, on other buildings, on a helicopter, walking around the person, etc. Then perhaps the person should jump off the building and fly down through the fog. I don't want it to look sad or suicidal-- just very very pretty.

Here are some experiments I made of the city look. I started in POV-Ray, then moved to the Blue Moon Rendering Tools because Renderman lets me write my own shaders. I think all these pictures were rendered by POV-Ray.

fog1, Sat Apr 19 12:02:23 1997

fog10, Mon Apr 21 16:26:51 1997

fog11, Wed Apr 23 10:45:47 1997

fog2, Sun Apr 20 15:13:34 1997

fog3, Sun Apr 20 17:46:38 1997

fog4, Sun Apr 20 19:29:06 1997

fog6, Sun Apr 20 22:30:50 1997

fog7, Mon Apr 21 00:22:29 1997

fog8, Mon Apr 21 13:11:49 1997

fog9, Tue Apr 22 00:13:22 1997