Auto gate latch

The images on this page are broken because the photo module for zope drifts around over the years. It's really hard to rescue old pics when they break, because they're locked up in ZODB. Use if you want to see them. -drewp 2007-02-27


This is an electric gate latch. When you open the gate all the way, the gate presses the switch that turns on an electromagnet that holds the gate open. You can close the gate by pulling on it gently. The system is powered during the day only, so the gate cannot be left open at night. We can also close the gate from inside the house.

Here is the gate being held open:

6902 This plate is mounted loosely so it can snap flat onto the electromagnet.
4030 This is a switch from a laser printer I took apart.
4627 This is an electromagnet from a laser printer I took apart. We don't know what it's rated for, but we give it about 12V. The wires are covered with something to make them weatherproof.