Resume for Drew Perttula - 2013 • 510-841-1265 • Belmont, California
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B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California at Berkeley, December 2000


12+ years of Python and C (using Python C API and Pyrex to combine them)
Web technologies: DHTML, CSS, HTTP, AJAX, RDF, SVG, Javascript
Unix system tools: Ubuntu, puppet, supervisord, sensu, nginx, MongoDB, OpenRDF Sesame, ElasticSearch
14+ years of administrating Linux systems
Past experience with Java, Tcl, and Perl
2D and 3D graphics applications: Maya, Shake, After Effects, Inkscape, Gimp, POV-Ray

Selected work experience

DreamWorks Animation (Pacific Data Images)

2009-03 to present

Infrastructure engineer

Design and prototype several services related to asset management and data integration
Serve as lead for services related to file grouping, tagging, and search
Proposed the use of RDF and guided its implementation in a project to unify data sources across the studio
Write tools and procedures for other developers to use to deploy their web services across multiple servers
2007 to 2009-03

Pipeline engineer

Write and maintain artist workflow tools for character effects department
Help the porting effort by code-reviewing Python and porting tools from Perl to Python
2004-09 to 2007

Cloth animator

Develop cloth garments from artwork and animate them in production shots
Write some experimental RDF systems for tracking the status of data as it travels through departments
2003-08 to 2004-09

Resource assistant

Cluster scheduling and monitoring for the DreamWorks/HP Utility Rendering Service project
Write new tools and improve existing tools to streamline our workflow by visualizing and summarizing data

Blue and Gold Fleet

2001 to 2003


Python and Zope interface with a proprietary database for a ticketing system
Reports and visualization of sales logs and ticketing information on Linux and Solaris

University of California, Berkeley

2001-01 to 2001-05

Head teaching assistant for computer architecture course

2000-01 to 2000-05

Teaching assistant for digital design course

Open source projects I've written

cuisine DV video editor for linux
light9 theater lighting control system
sparqlhttp RDF query server and client

Some of my other projects

Live SVG plot of the CalTrans freeway traffic data
Photo album using RDF
Home automation hardware and software (lamp dimmers, temperature sensors, door locks, music players)
Multi-user diary logger (mongodb, jabber,
Location tracker and map rendering hacks for Palm Pre
I won 3rd place in the contest with a forum activity visualization using SVG and Google Maps.

Some open source projects I've contributed to (bug reports, patches)

rdflib the main pure-python RDF library
restkit python http client library
zfs-fuse linux integration of the ZFS filesystem
firefox a tool for downloading Chrome
tahoe distributed, encrypted filesystem
pygame python graphics primitives library